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Hi! I’m Stephen Payton and I hail from Southwest Missouri in the USA. This weBlog provides insight into some of my interests and serves as an outlet for logging various web-based and computer-related experiments I conduct.

My day-job is rather demanding (as most are) and involves frequent travel. That makes this particular site one of my hobbies. Insufficient time exists in my schedule to make a competitive site compared to giants within the Blog-O-Sphere. But that’s not really the point of this exercise. Although I suppose it would be nice to generate some revenue from the site some day I just enjoy experimenting with the code fragments that make pages appear as they do. I generate fewer posts than most other bloggers but what I do write genuinely interests me.

Helping to raise two growing boys along with a commitment to my wife to “stay off the computer during family time,” keeps me out of the office (that’s where the machines live) and on the main level of our home from the end of my business day (typically) until the next day begins. Exceptions to this rule occur but I remain committed to these guidelines.

So if you have suggestions for me, please send an e-mail message or enter a comment with positive input on ways to improve the look, feel, or content displayed. If you’d like to see my current resume which illustrates what I’ve been doing with my time, click here to retrieve a PDF of that document.

Thanks for viewing . . .

~SP (Stephen at Payton Place dot US)

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