Jul 04

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Locate a mirror and read it that title again! I spelled it this way because that’s just what Xobni Corporation chose to do with their new product, Xobni (Inbox spelled backward), an Outlook plug-in designed to help you get a better understanding about why your Inbox is flooded. Control Your Inbox!

I suspect you are just as plagued with a bloated inbox and I am. The issue is so great that I use two clients, one for business mail (Outlook), one for personal mail (Thunderbird), just to make it seem like I am dealing with fewer messages at any one setting. I spend so much time reviewing, prioritizing, sorting, and erasing mail that I have very little time left in the day to write replies. Fortunately, Xobni promises to help me know more about my most important contacts and messages so I can spend less time dealing with unnecessary information.

Xobni Logo Mirrored

Xobni provides it’s own email search tool which is very fast and provides feedback from the moment you start typing. It provides for true threaded conversations so you can read information in its proper context. This plug-in offers sophisticated email analytics with rankings, graphs, and statistics detailing how you and your contacts use email.

It also makes historical attachments available instantly without searching. Uncover email’s social characteristics by quickly identifying a contact’s manager, business partner, or assistant. It even extracts significant Phone numbers from messages and places them right up top in the Xobni collapsible sidebar. My favorite feature helps me to schedule appointments quickly by automatically finding open times in my schedule.

This YouTube video explains the primary features nicely . . .


A recent addition to the Xobni feature set is support for LinkedIn. Here is an excerpt from the Xobni Blog.

Xobni users will now see LinkedIn public profile data automatically displayed in Xobni profiles. You will see the job title and the employing company of the person you are emailing with. Clicking on the LinkedIn logo will take you to that contact?s LinkedIn profile. Also, LinkedIn profile pictures will be automatically displayed in the Xobni sidebar. We?ve been using this feature internally for several weeks, and having this information at your fingertips when you are interacting with a new person is immensely powerful.

I look forward to learning more about Xobni in the days and weeks to come! Thus far it is opening my eyes to a great many things I never knew about my Outlook mail.


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