Nov 11

How to upgrade your Apple In-Ear headphones

The project:
This is probably one of the easiest and cheapest mods I’ve ever done. The idea is from Kristian Engelbrecht – a Chaosprojects.com member – who passed it on to me. When he told me about it, I knew right away I had to do it and pass it on.

Oh god oh god oh why:
I believe that if you can upgrade an everyday item for only a few bucks and a few minutes, you owe it to yourself to jump at it.
This one truly fits that description. It will make your Apple In-Ear headphones fit much better in your ears, exclude the surrounding noise way more, and you probably won’t ever experience the headphones falling out of your ears even when doing sports…

Conceiving the project:

This is how you do it: First of all, you’ll need three things: Your Apple In-Ear Headphones, those foam ear plugs they hand out at concerts, and a Leather Punch (see image above)

Part one:

    Remove the rubber cups from the headphones.
    Grab one of the foam ear-plugs and pinch it flat as shown below…

    Take the leather punch, set it to make a 4mm hole in the center of the foam ear-plug, as below

Part two:

    Take the foam ear-plug, still pinched together, and push the Apple In-Ear Headphone through the hole in the foam ear-plug… as shown below

That’s it. Give the foam 5min to reach its original form and they are ready to use… Mold the foam to go in your ears and enjoy.

Materials/Price tag:
Well… this is probably the shortest ‘material list’ I ever put on this website with only the foam ear-plugs at about 2.5$ for a six pack – aprox. 80 cents a pair.

I hope you’ll enjoy your improved headphones and send Kristian a kind thought for sharing this idea. Should you have a good idea for a project you would like to see on this site, you can let me know here .