Jul 27

Shutting down OSX with a sound

For some unknown reason I got into my head that it would be really cool if my Macbook Pro would say something when shutting down.
This is how I went about it…

OSX doesn’t natively support configuring a shutdown sound so the first thing I needed to do was finding a plug-in that would bring me the magic.
This is taken care of by SystemSound plug-in (click to download) from Kiwi Fruitware

And setting it up is as easy as scratching your… … well you get the picture!

When download is completed locate the “SystemSound.prefPane” file with in the “SystemSound Extension” folder.

Double click the “SystemSound.prefPane” file to install the plug-in and choose if the plug-in should have an effect on your account only or all users…

Make sure to mark the “Use shutdown sound”

Unless you already have a sound suitable for this little tweak (remember the sound file needs to be in the .aiff format) this is what we need to find now…
My love fell on a soundfile suitably called
“Shutdown” (hold down [Alt] and click here to download)

In order to use our newly obtained and totally cool sound we need to convert it from a “.wav” file to a “.aiff file” . This is best done by using iTunes. In order to convert our sound-file to the right format we need to configure iTunes…
(If you are an experienced Mac user you might wanna skip the iTunes part)

Open iTunes and choose “iTunes Preferences”

Choose the “Import” button and select “Import Using: AIFF Encoder leave settings on “Automatic”

Now we are ready fore the actual conversion and to do so first drag the “shutdown.aif” file from the desktop in to iTunes…

…then (right-click on mouse) or (hold down [ctrl] and click) on the selected tune and choose “Convert Selection to AIFF”

Drag the newly converted .aiff file back to the desktop ready for use.

In order to make this work all fine and dandy you should go to your “Music ” folder on your hard-drive and make and create a new folder called “system fx” or what ever makes you happy and so you doesn’t accidently erase it under influence or something, leaving you very annoyed so you call me in the middle of the night screaming why the f..?#?&! is my Mac not saying goodnight to me as usual… phew… don’t wanna go there!

Finally we just need learn the plug-in and the sound-file to be buddies…

Go to the little blue apple in the upper left corner and choose “System Preferences”

In the bottom of the system preferences menu you’ll find the installed plug-in “SystemSound”

When opened choose the button“Shutdown Sound”

Go to the bottom and choose the “Add Sound” button and give the path Music>System FX>shutdown.aif

Done… Try to restart.
I hope you will have fun.