Nokia 6280 with SLR optics

Resently the cameras on cellphones are getting better and better. How ever the optics on them are mostly crap made of cheap plastic.
Then i spawned the idea “Why not oparate an SLR lens on to the cell?
This hack will give you 36x optical zoom on your cell just because of the crop factor + the zoom of the lens you may use. I’d strongly recomend using a prime lens for easier calibrating the focal distance.
I chosed to use a Nikon 50mm f/1.4…

The first thing to do is get rid of the old crappy one…
1: Remove the plastic back of the cell

2: Remove the 4 torc-screws and gently pry of the lid, exposing the electronics.

3: Now it’s time for the really delecate stuff, getting the old lens off.
The promblem is that Nokia in all their wisdom glued the lens on the camera and to get i off, you’ll have to brake it by gently prying a screwdriver in between the lens and the tube holding it.

4: Now it’s time to put it all back together again (do step 2 and then 1)

5: You need to get a hold of a c-mount/SLR-lens converter… Like the one i used in the Super zoom on a surveillance camera. article.

6: Carve out a hole in the backplate to fit the converter. Remember the hole should be exactly above the CCD-chip, this is very important!!!

7: Use about 7 layers of moulding tape to hold the converter on to the backplate.

8: Assemble the phone and mount your lens.

Get ready to shoot!

NOTE: The downside of this project is that the a little wobly on the camera so focusing can be a little hard to do… And do to the fact, the nikon lens isn’t optimized for such a small chip the pictures taken, will have some light stribes along the sides of the foto.