Frequent Flyer Miles Good for Space Travel?

According to Space.Com, frequent flyer miles will soon get a new use!

Virgin Atlantic Airways will transfer air miles to it’s space-related sister, Virgin Galactic, to get you into space faster!

“A journey into space seems like a distant dream for many but this deal makes it more even more achievable for our frequent travelers to become astronauts,” said Sir Richard Branson, chairman of Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Galactic. “We expect the first Virgin Galactic space flight to take place in 2008 which gives our Flying Club members time to save up all their miles.”

What a deal! Unfortunately, you’ll need to log at least 2-Million earth miles before you can get into the program. I have quite a few more cramped cattle-class trips to log before I’ll be in that classification. [sigh]

One can always dream, eh?


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