My First Blog Post

After noticing numerous references to BLog (Web Log) software and services, I decided to research the technology. Determining if I am quality “BLogger” material, was something that interested me. Hang on a sec, a dialog requires my input.

[a few seconds pass – I feel a side-track session coming on!]

Seeing the phrase, “Burn process completed successfully at 32x,” gives me goosebumps. You may think this is silly, but If you came from the land of the original CD/R-RW drives burning at 1x speeds (with a 50% coaster success ratio), you’d know why . . .

I owned one of the first CD burners which wrote an entire disc in what seemed like thirty minutes plus or more. This was assuming you ran no additional applications or background services. This also required you to cross your fingers the entire time in an effort to avoid the dreaded “Coaster” burn. At first, I created more drink “Coasters” than usable discs. Eventually I got the hang of it and learned that it was best to simply walk away from the machine during a burn.

Consider the technology of today. I started burning a CD from a downloaded ISO image (656 Mb) of the latest Lindows 4.0 distribution before logging-in to I heard the alert (from Nero Express 6.0) just before completing the end of the second sentence above, indicating the burn process was complete. This is light years away from the “Bad Ol’ Days” of CD creation! Hence the goosebumps – today’s technology is just so cool!

If I can come up with information like the text you’ve seen thus far, I just may be “BLogger” material after all. If I go the next step, and force Outlook calendar reminders to improve the frequency of such entries, useful information may result.

However, if this is the only post that ends-up published to my web site, then this technology just may not be quite ready for “Stephen Prime-Time.” Only time will tell. This may be something that just takes a while to get used to . . .


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