The Missing Episodes?

Do you ever have difficulty keeping tabs on television shows of interest? Even with the advent of DVRs it’s easy enough to accidentally erase an event, have a scheduling conflict, experience weather bulletins ruining the mood, etc.

Fortunately, some networks now support the viewing of previous episodes within a web browser. And this is a welcome option for those odd times when something just didn’t go right with your recording.

Fox Streaming is one of the sites I’ve visited in the past because I’m an avid fan of 24. Season 6 returns in January 2007 so I have quite a wait . . . My most recent visit was to the Sci Fi Pulse Network because I anxiously await the premiere of Season 3 ~ Battlestar Galactica!

Once in the site I learned the next episode airs this coming Friday.

Hallelujah! I’m so glad I cruised over to the site.


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