Visual Simulations @ Digg Labs

Digg.Com is an amazing repository of information and commentary. It is by far my favorite social networking and news site on the internet today.

I listen to the Diggnation Podcast regularly because I get a real kick out of hearing to the interaction between Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. They provide a summary of the top stories logged at Digg.Com during the course of the previous week. All while sampling premium beers from around the world. By the conclusion of the podcast, they are having a great time. Or in Alex’ words, “Good times . . . good times!”

A new addition to Digg.Com (at least new to me) is the implementation of two simulations which provide visualization of activity at Digg.Com as users digg stories and post comments. These two Digg Labs simulations called Stack and Swarm are really fun to watch. You can see how users hop from story to story and the relationships presented graphically are great eye candy.

Take a look and let me know if you found them as enjoyable as I do . . .


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