Why Oprah never had kids

My wife records The Oprah Winfrey Show and watches it as often as opportunity permits. It’s not uncommon for her to get started on an episode, skim the highlights, and move on to the next episode in rapid succession until she’s caught-up on her backlog of recorded episodes.

During these times I do my best to remain an understanding husband and grant her this well-deserved indulgence. After all, she works very had all day away from the home and doubly-so once the boys come home. She watches a few of the shows that interest me too and seems to enjoy them. However, I just cannot return the favor (for long) when it comes to watching Oprah with her. And I’ll tell you why in a moment . . .

I think Oprah is an incredible person. She seems so down to earth and genuinely interested in helping those around her locally and all over the world. Every time I see her on television or read about her in print I gain greater respect for her as a person and for her altruistic manner. So when I saw the byline, “Why Oprah never had kids,” I simply had to see what it was all about.

“We were in Soweto, a sprawling slum in Johannesburg, which actually stands for South West Township. Oprah seemed as comfortable here as she would be in a five star hotel. She walked right into the home of a couple of prospective students who had applied for entry into her exclusive Leadership Academy and had impressed her to the point she wanted to see where they lived and what their life was like.”

Read the story to completion and I’ll bet your response was as similar as mine. Awww, how sweet! [Sniff, sniff] As I instinctively wiped my eyes resulting from a touched heart, I finally regained my senses. Dang, that one sneaked right up on me. And that’s why I don’t watch The Opray Winfrey Show, it makes me cry like a baby! And what’s worse is that it happens before you know it. There is simply no time to prepare yourself for the impending emotional gush. Therefore, I avoid that show like the plague!

Most women don’t seem to understand such thoughts or reactions by men to emotional content like the Opray Show. But I guarantee every guy reading this note is nodding his head right now and saying, even if in silence, “you’re right man ~ you’re absolutely right!” The complexities of men and crying is best summed up by a story written and narrated by Tom Bodett. Ironically, the snippet is entitled “Men Cryin'” and is a great listen [11.2Mb].

Cryin’ is good for the soul and an excellent way to cleanse the body both emotionally and physically. But for most men, such things must remain a private experience to be truly effective . . . I am one of those guys. And if you’ll excuse me, all this talk about cryin’ is starting to aggravate me. Time to go shoot a mutant alien!


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