One Transition Complete ~ Dozens To Go!

This morning I worked on updates to links within our legacy web site, ThePayton.Net, and built hooks into all web log references of that site so they point here to the new Blog. A few of my previous postings to that web log are ported to this new site but many still require going through an import process.

Import isn’t really the best word to use . . . and that’s primarily because something with the WordPress import functions aren’t working as anticipated. It’s odd. I jump through all the hoops and the process indicates “Import Complete!” But the legacy posts appear no where within the web space. This may be the result of how the older blog was published in the first place.

The original blog originated from my Blogger.Com account. Because I own several web spaces I opted to publish the Blogger Blog (say that quickly ten times without error) to ThePayton.Net instead of as a subsite of Blogger.Com. At the time I felt this option was the more personal approach which granted me greater flexibility in the future. Now I know such an approach was flawed. Best laid plans . . . C’est la Vie! And all those other great clich?s.

The end result of these oddities is a forced manual posting of all previous articles. [sigh] In fact, all the topics you see within this Blog so far were created manually. Well, manually in the sense that I had multiple editor windows open simultaneously and used copy/paste functions to suck out the old text and blow it into a new location.

Eventually all these outstanding tasks will be completed. Or perhaps by then I’ll have new direction or ideas about how to better leverage the future, leaving old posts in the past . . . where they belong. Here’s to the Future!


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