Oct 14

One Week in New Orleans

I spent this week in New Orleans attending our first mid-year North America Pro Sales meeting. This is the first meeting like this held halfway through our fiscal year since I’ve been with the company. It was an excellent opportunity to review our division’s performance and recharge for the remaining half of the year!

While here we had a jam-packed schedule full of pertinent business topics. Other experiences of interest during the week:

  • Held a reception dinner on the first evening
  • Toured the newly rennovated Superdome on the second evening
  • Worked on a Habitat for Humanity project (Musician’s Village) for an entire day
  • Drove through the 9th Ward to witness the effects of hurricane Katrina one year after it devastated this community
  • Had one free evening to stroll down Bourbon street and take in the sights

Instead of writing about each significant event I will try an experiment. I will let the photos do the talking by linking to newly posted information at one of my PicasaWeb photo album sites. So here we go!

Sales Meeting 2k6 Mid-Year Reception

Sales Meeting 2k6 Mid-Year SuperDome Tour

Sales Meeting 2k6 Post SuperDome Tour Dinner

Sales Meeting 2k6 – Habitat for Humanity Day

Sales Meeting 2k6 – 9th District Tour

Sales Meeting 2k6 – Bourbon Street Walkabout

All in all, it was hard work but we also had a great time. We had opportunity to recharge from a business perspective, give back something to the community, and have a little fun in the process.


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