Feb 12

25 Crisp Simoleons

This post originated as a response to a Facebook request that is currently making the rounds entitled, “25 Random Things About Me” and the rules of engagement are stated in the next two paragraphs.

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

(To do this, go to “notes” under tabs on your profile page, paste these instructions in the body of the note, type your 25 random things, tag 25 people (in the right hand corner of the app) then click publish.)

So rather than be limited by the editing features of the Facebook environment, I’ll just post this list here at my blog.

— Let the 25 Random Ramblings begin! —

01. I get a kick out of researching obscure slang or uncommon words like “Simoleon.” Late 19th century macaronic blend of simon (dollar or sixpence coin) (17th-century British slang), and Napoleon (French gold coin worth 20 francs, bearing the image of Napoleon III). This definition will cost you 25 crisp simoleons!

02. My mind is highly distractible and I gain greater personal satisfaction from completing an endless string of small tasks (strength in numbers) compared to savoring closure of a large project that takes days, weeks, or months to complete. Long term projects are very difficult for me to get off the ground.

03. I’m easily swayed toward a point of view if it makes sense the instant I need to make a decision about it. As a result, I routinely change of my mind, adjusting past decisions. This is because I feel regret is just too heavy a bag of rocks to carry around. ‘Tis better to just adapt, acknowledge your ignorance, and move on . . .

04. Number bases intrigue me. My current favorite is alphadecimal (base36) because I recently worked a problem to determine the combinations/permutations of six digit license plates (Missouri = 0-9/A-Z). I have no recollection of what prompted the question in the first place but it was a fun exercise and the resulting numbers are staggeringly large.

05. My taste in music has changed so much over the years that my preferences are nearly impossible to classify. My current music bent is ambient electronica with a spash of downtempo chill with a smattering of trance thrown in for good measure. And to think I was a Country fan in the early 80’s following a Rock (now called Classic Rock) fan of the 70s, both preceeding a Smooth Jazz 90s. Thoughts of the twists and turns in preference just messes with my head. But all music is good in my opinion.

06. I’ve been tagged six times (so far) for the creation of this list. I thought it best to get started on it just so I can say I did it. And following true to form, I can’t seem to stop messing with it. [Robot Voice] Must – Complete – Objective!

07. Current favorite song is “You Once Told Me” by Andain

08. I recently purchased an HDTV antenna that was supposed to support the “Red Zone” (what I need) and the part I received clearly shows its a “Green Zone” device. [Sigh] Back to the drawing board for integration of an off-air antenna to my recent HD satellite upgrade setup.

09. We moved away from an inner city hospital zone because the landing helicopters at the regional trauma center shook the walls and rattled the window panes twice per hour on average. Added to that, the constant ambulance sirens made it feel like were were living on base of a M.A.S.H. unit.? Now it seems we’re in the flight path of our local airport. So in the immortal words of Sam Kinison, “Oh, it never ends! OH! OHHH!!!

10. Flirting with thoughts of neighborhood dog murder are constantly on my mind. I’ve considered pellet guns and tranquilizer dart rifles with integral night scopes. All in an effort to stop the insane barking. Although I’m really an animal lover at heart, I despise pet owners that allow animals to run amok and disturb the neighborhood while they are away. Maybe I should just become a dealer for Shock Collars?

11. My future sororal nephew-in-law turned me on to the concept of changing the subject header of this list. Way to go – Weasel Stew! He’s a really cool dude.

12. I almost crashed a Cessna 172 airplane while performing touch-and-goes (solo flight) at Air Park South in Ozark (now closed indefinitely ~ was it me?) while logging flight time in my quest for a personal pilot license. Its a very long and hair-raising story that boggles the mind and one I just managed to tell to my wife of eleven years. What took me so long? I ended-up running out of money (college does that to you) and never realized my piloting dreams.

13. I can’t seem to end the onslaught of regular messages from the KFC Colonel’s Club hawking the latest and greatest chicken meal specials. I like chicken but . . .

14. Four computers are currently running various tasks for me in my home office. I switch amongst them at will with a 4-port KVM switch that regularly and annoyingly loses it’s sync with my Bose Companion 5 desktop loudspeaker system (which I adore)!

15. I lost my sweet Mother last year to a short (4 month) bout with a terminal brain tumor. I miss her so much! Not a single day goes by without seeing a photo of her and wishing I could just give her a hug. Love You Mum!!!

16. I publish a blog that is mostly repurposed tech news stories I find interesting. I rarely seem to find the time to write truly original content.

17. My boss hates it when I call him “Boss”. But “Hey Dude!” just seems too disrespectful!

18. Making a nice recurring income from my web sites would be wonderful. Perhaps one day I’ll find the right balance between generating interesting content, good advertising contracts, and enough site traffic to make that a reality.

19. My Herman-Miller Aeron office chair is fantastic but its not the 8-hour chair that numerous folks told me it would be. Oh my aching back!

20. I have four younger sisters and am the eldest (and only male) sibling of the bunch. They are such Sweet Ladies.

21. Stopping work on time-wasting distractions like this list is almost impossible for me. I simply must complete each task regardless of its level of inanity. [see item six in this list] And I just had to lookup “inanity” to be certain I was spelling it right. So you tell me . . . From which personality disorder do I suffer?

22. Creating and publishing a personal podcast is something that intrigues me. But I can never seem to find long enough periods of silence in my office (chirping birds, barking dogs, aircraft in-flight) to make an untainted audio recording. One day I’ll have a more sound-proof recording environment.

23. My precious wife and adorable [active, wranglin’, wrasslin’] two boys (8 & 5) are the one true joy (three actually) in my life. They make everything worthwhile.

24. Talking regularly to my third sister is something really I miss. I Love You, Lou!

25. The creation of this list took me an inordinate amount of time. Requests for information about me from e-mail or social networks are unceasing, relentless! I’ve participated in endless numbers of survey variants during my roughly 27 years of computer exposure. And it turns out that I actually published a similar list like this on my blog a while back. It is entitled “40 Secrets About Me” So if you follow that link, you’ll know 65 Random Things About Me!


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