You CAN take it with you?

For much of my life I’ve listened to many discussions about the various merits or fallacies of acquiring material goods. Depending on your perspective, such acquisition is either a good thing or a bad thing. But regardless of your judgment call on such matters, there’s no tellin’ how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “You can’t take it with you!

Well, to that ages-old phrase I say, “Bunk!” (sort of) Because It just so happens that while we still occupy this mortal plane {Boot Camp}, you CAN take it with you in the form of a USB drive! Check out PortableApps.Com to learn more about their latest addition, the PortableApps Suite | Your computer, without the computer?.

This one-stop portable (free or open source) application repository will provide you with many of the tools necessary to completely be self-contained from a personal profile perspective. Just walk up to a foreign machine, plug-in your USB pen drive, and VOILA! Instant ME on a different machine with all my preferences in tow.

My favored web browser, online form-filling utilities, my preferred e-mail client, FTP clients, Standard Office applications, Audio/Video/DVD players, and so much more are all available as recompiled portable applications designed to run from a removable drive with ease. Take a look at my current list of portable applications:

My Portable Applications

I’ve been a proponent of the Portable Applications stored on a USB drive for many moons. Considering the fact I am restricted (a good policy for most users) to the amount of content or number of applications I can install on company computers, I began exploring methods to take custom, personal, or experimental content with me everywhere I go without violating policies of my employer.

This is quite significant because the fastest and most capable portable computer in my possession is an IBM ThinkPad T42p provided by terms of my employ. It’s very important to me to keep the “MotherShip” happy because I like my job, my team, and the people I meet as a result of taking care of business.

So whether you are looking for a portable identity backup solution to take along for the ride when using company machines, or just interested in the convenience of a portable set of applications requiring ZERO installation on other computers with USB ports, consider the PortableApps and PortableApps Suite possibilities!


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