Jan 09

What Matters Now

A few days ago I happened across a document that piqued my interest. It is concept from the mind of Seth Godin, a famous author, blogger, and public speaker regarding all manner of marketing topics. This document is entitled, “What Matters Now” and contains eighty-two pages of insights from many other famous folks from all persuasions.

As I read this interesting work, specific pages and phrases resonated within me. I took the time today to highlight those special passages and insert bookmarks in the PDF linked in the previous passage. A few of my favorite segments are shown below:What Matters Now?

Enough by Merlin Mann

How do you know when you’ve had “enough?”
Not everything, all the time, completely, forever.
Just enough. Enough to start, finish, or simply maintain

Productivity by Gina Trapani

Don’t worry too much about getting things done.
Make things happen

Strengths by Marti Barletta

So quit diligently developing your weaknesses.
Instead, partner with someone very UNlike you,
share the work and share the wealth and everyone’s happy

I hope you enjoy flipping through these pages as much as I did. And thankfully, letting you have free download access to this excellent work is sanctioned by the authors on page two, “feel free to share this.”


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