Mar 04

HALOsonic Electronic Sound Synthesis

Although I’ve never had opportunity to drive and electric vehicle, I hope to own one someday soon. Strangely enough, my ultimate vehicle wish is to own an electric pickup truck. I’d like a four door truck that’s about the size of a Honda Ridgeline but better looking. Perhaps an electric vehicle the size of the Toyota Tacoma would also be cool.

Unfortunately, I won’t own a Toyota truck until they reverse the direction of their grills. I just can’t imagine owning a vehicle that looks like its frowning. I want only smiles from my trucks! The Phoenix SUT comes close to “a grill with a smile” but still isn’t in production. One look at is grill and I think you’d agree, its more of a smirk than a smile.

Imagine what it would be like to drive an All Electric vehicle around town. Unlike the traditional mechanical noises we’ve grown accustomed to with four, six, and eight cylinder cars, electric vehicles make very little noise. Now Lotus is developing a technology called HALOsonic Electronic Sound Synthesis which is designed to recreate the engine sounds hear from internal combustion engines. Check out this video of the HALOsonic system tested in a Toyota Prius.


My favorite is the second Futuristic sound. And with the exception of the flying part, driving a vehicle that sounds like this would be oh so “Back To The Future!”


Thanks to Tom Young with Electroacoustic Design Services for pointing me to this very cool video . . .

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