Von Heydekampf walks away from Telex

Very interesting, indeed! What does the future hold for Telex EVI?

Von Heydekampf took control of the Telex EVI electronics division when Telex merged with Electro Voice in 1998. Four years later he was promoted to the position of global president of the pro audio division and relocated from the Telex offices in Straubing, Germany, to the US headquarters in Burnsville, Minnesota.

He is widely seen as being the guiding force behind the success of the various EV lines over the past ten years.

On the second morning of the show (March 28th) press were gathered for a routine briefing from the company, when von Heydekampf stunned the assembled journalists by saying he would be leaving the company by the end of April. He cited ?a clash of egos? with the head of Bosch?s new pro audio division, Peter Marks, who is now pumping millions of dollars into both the US and Germany bases.

Bosch bought the Telex group in the summer of 2006, but the deal became final on January 1st this year.

I know a few chaps within this organization and the outcome will definitely be interesting to see . . .


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