Thrashings Abound

Thrashing this site is something I do cyclically. Rather than tweak a little here — tweak a little there, I have?the tendency to store ideas for updates internally and then attempt to implement them all at once to keep my head from exploding! Of course, this leads to creation of entirely too many debugging issues because I’m trying to do too many things at once.

You could almost?term it Binge & Purge?Administration. Hmmm, that concept made more sense in my head than it does?now that its?visible on the page. But this week could certainly be considered one of the purge experiences. Although closer to my original ideas than initially implemented, I still need to tweak some things.

For instance, this week I implemented three new pages:

  1. ?A / V (current Audio & Video interests tracking)
  2. Micro-Blog (tracking?a new found interested)
  3. Webb Alert (a daily technology news feed)

For quite some time I’ve wanted?automated “What I’m Listening to” and “What I’m watching right now” widgets incorporated on the site. Existing widgets are likely to exist but I just haven’t located them. So in the meantime I’ll just stick to two scripts adoped from my and YouTube accounts.

The micro-blogging concept is just starting to come into it’s own. It’s a method of posting miniature status updates to a web site directly from your cell phone or web terminal. When using a cell phone you simply send a text message to the phone number of the service. I am using Jaiku at the moment and like the fact it aggregates other web feed information from my blog, my photos, music sites, and just about any service that will generate an RSS feed.

And finally, I added a direct video embedding of Morgan Webb’s Webb Alert, a daily technology blog summary news feed. Actually, I believe the proper description is, “Your Daily Tech Round-Up.” Megan is co-host of X-Play, a computer gaming reviews show on G4TV.

That summarizes the latest thrashings going on at the site . . . let me know if you have recommendations on compact widgets for WordPress that will perform similar functions, OK?


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