Oct 19

The Other Half

“How the Other Half Lives” is a multi-faceted phrase. It appears in several song lyrics (the titles escape me), is a legendary work of photojournalism by Jacob Riis, and also an idiom used to describe the experiences of affluent or other such privileged individuals. It was a combination of both the first and last items that rolled around inside my head as I was showering this morning.

The morning cleansing ritual is my bridge between sleepy time and a better awareness. A time when the fog (in my head) begins to clear and I start putting the plan together for my day. During this short period of time, mental free association rules and I can easily be teleported from thoughts of hunting big cats to climbing mountains in Kathmandu. But this morning’s experience was a bit more tangible. I realized how much different today’s shower environment is to the one I experienced this week in Park City, Utah.

The home of the 2002 Winter Olympics was our destination this week for a mid-year business event gathering all field-based and internal employees of my organization.

Hotel Park City Room

At the phenomenal resort property (Hotel Park City) I certainly experienced how the other half lives! Every where I went, hotel staff was there to open my door, help with luggage, ready, willing, and able?to assist with directions or special luxurious treatment. I’d come back to my room in the evening to find slippers, a rope, and chocolates right next to my turned-down bed. I hardly knew how to act.

And even though I could easily get used to the large rough-hewn tile shower enclosure with three fancy shower heads, it was nice to be in my own shower this morning. I definitely prefer?the way?I live to “How the Other Half Lives.” To get an idea of woodsy luxury available at this property, follow this link to my photographs!


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