Think You’re Too Old for School? Think Again

Typing on a computer keyboardThis morning during my start of the day e-mail scan, an article caught my eye regarding continuing education, something I’m always interested in reading about. In my opinion, it is never too late to learn something new or gain deeper understanding of subjects you may already know.

With the economy in decline and job listings scarce, more and more adults are choosing to go back to school to gain a competitive advantage. But it’s not always easy. And when you’re 43-years-old, sharing the classroom with late teens can be a little intimidating. Don’t fret.

The article lists some excellent tips for coping with going back to school and continuing to manage the general responsibilities we juggle every day. Things like keeping up with an active family, managing finances, and other non-scholastic activities are but a few of the things that are of little concern to a typical college freshman.

Read the article at InsideTech and let me know what you think . . .

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