At the Speed of Thought

Wouldn’t it be great if we had a mechanism to capture every significant idea that we have throughout the course of the day? Ideas or thoughts that we deem as either sharable or collectible for future use, that we don’t want to forget, are what I have in mind. The Competitive Mind

At my age, or perhaps it’s better to say, at my current state of mental capacity, I seem only to remember traumatic events, long-past snippets from days gone by, or things recorded in my notebook and scrawled on the nearest piece of paper. If I miss the opportunity to capture a great thought, it may not cross my mind for days, weeks, or years later. And sometimes an unrecorded idea is lost forever!

Just about every idea of merit that dawns on me comes during a time when I’m not in a position to capture the information effectively, right then. I note the idea mentally and say to myself, “What a cool thing! Don’t forget to log that one when you . . .” finish putting away the dishes or folding the laundry or mowing the lawn or getting the boys ready for bed or . . . and the list goes on an on, ad infinitum. No shortage of distractions toward the recording of each Eureka Moment exists. Something always gets in the way.

So, what to do? What is the best method to retain these good ideas? Even something as simple as scribing this posting was interrupted by numerous events that are part of every evening in the management of our household. It’s taken me approximately two hours just to get this far into the post because of these interruptive but necessary actions. I don’t wish for the interruptions to stop, I just want to do a better job of remembering¬† . . .

If only we could capture great ideas at the speed of thought! And then from that collective thought-capture bank, we could post tweets for short thoughts or longer diatribes for blog posts. Wouldn’t that be peachy?


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