Feb 06

Oh, My Aching Back

I cannot believe my back is still this sore after?four days! I worked most of the day last Saturday finishing a job I started two weeks ago. That job was to cut down a tree in my front yard that started dieing last spring but didn’t start looking mangy until late in the?autumn of 2007.

The “Beginning of The End”?happened soon after?a [Hard Freeze] wreaked havoc on plant life following many days of unseasonably warm weather in February 2007. Another tree in?our back yard died at the same time.

During?that time?of warm weather,?trees and shrubs?were beginning bud as if it were spring. Then ZAP! The freezing weather which lasted many days took its toll on them. In fact, I located an entry at Wikipedia discussing that particular storm which was very wide-ranging across North America!

Talk about adding insult to injury! The dead trees were two?that managed to survive the fateful Ice Storm of 2007. During that storm we were much more concerned about restoring the little things we’ve grown accustomed to like electricity and heat. I blogged about that traumatic series of events in this linked posting.

So as time went by, we watched the poor Sweet Gum tree begin to lose it’s leaves, then the bark began flaking. The tree?eventually withered to it’s minimum state and then I knew an extraction was emminent! I chronicled a portion of my extraction adventure in?the photo sequence linked above.

Goodbye, Sweet Gum Tree. Soon we’ll say hello to an alternate tree type to take your place . . .


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