Hades Hath No Fury Like . . .

OK, what’s the deal? I just don’t get it. I’ve heard that bad things happen in threes for many years now. It’s an urban legend, right? What if I were to tell you that bad things happen in dozens? Would you believe me?

Today was truly a day from hell. Not only for me but also for multiple members of my family and extended family. Nothing went right today; Murphy’s Law was in full effect and with a vengeance! One of my boys likened it to?Friday the 13th on a Monday. How about a run-down of?semi-specifics to determine if I’m all wet or speaking the truth??Sound fair enough to you?

?Here is the sequence of events:

  • Family member attempts suicide (3-timer) and doesn’t succeed (thank God!) but gets closer than ever before.
  • Extremely restless (previous) night results in difficulty making morning time-lines due to fatigue.
  • Last?(tardy) bell rings just as door closes on the family truckster while parked in front of school.
  • Discover error (by others) in business event invitation data sent (by me) to 3000 folks. Need to draft/send a retraction notice.
  • Fedex implements new interface; can select?no states in shipping addresses?and cannot?get responses by pushing the “SEND” button.
  • Inbility to send shipments (no paper forms in stock) results in missed deadline on critical financial documentation.
  • Missing family member (point #1) results in Wife forced to take off work to assist matriarch in need.
  • DSL Data connection to the outside world drops for thirty minutes with no verifyable reason.
  • Teen Nephew gets into fight at school; loses a tooth and?gets a broken jaw. Cops are called on way to E.R.
  • Long time “Best in the world” pooch (yellow lab) wanders on to farm road and gets creamed by hit-and-run motorist.
  • Attempt to to “Run and Get” shipping waybills to manually complete shipping data results in traffic jam. Not just one wreck, but two up ahead and prohibiting all movement in that direction!
  • Niece travels home and has a flat tire. It’s raining . . . She cries.

So you tell me . . . does it get any worse than that??Well actually, ?it does get worse.?But the rest of that mess is either another topic posting or is a story that will never be told. After all, not everything is helpful to know.?Perhaps the best?experience we can?learn?about certain people is that they are all as busy as us, give them a break as often as possible!


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