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Name: Stephen Payton
Date registered: January 23, 2006
URL: http://stephen.paytonplace.us/
AIM: Vistarama
Jabber / Google Talk: stephen.payton@gmail.com
Yahoo! IM: vistarama@sbcglobal.net


Once upon a time . . . updating personal web pages was a piece of cake. Now that love, marriage, children, extended families, and increased responsibilities in the workplace consume more of my time; more expedient methods for site updates are warranted. Enter the social network. Now there isn't just one personal web page, there are dozens of locations that service one aspect of my varied interests. Little pieces of me exist all over cyberspace and this profile is written on just one of them. Perhaps one day these comments will morph into a single universal "idea of me" to leverage everywhere? Sounds like a good idea to me! My personal interests are: 1: Listening to High Quality Audio Playback (regardless of delivery method). 2: Reading Fictional Literature (SciFi is #1 genre ~ most viewing accomplished in eBook form within my iPod Touch or Droid Incredible Phone) 3: Enjoying AudioBooks & Podcasts on my mobile devices to avoid the radio commercials I can no longer tolerate. 4: Watching movies of all genres. 5: Viewing Digital Video Recorder output to defeat the ever present commercial messaging of network Television. 6: Wishing for the ever elusive "Universal Remote" with Mute/Pause/Rewind/FastForward functions for when things get a little too hectic at home or don't go quite as planned.

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Apr 20

“You may not control all the events that…

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.” —Maya Angelou via @momentumdash

Mar 23

Proud to be the 7,284th backer on @Backe…

Proud to be the 7,284th backer on @BackerKit for 60 Second Salad Maker – Healt… https://t.co/ifOslRqhs7

Mar 04

“Tension is who you think you should be….

“Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” —Unknown via @momentumdash

Nov 21

Getting ready to enjoy Becky’s Big Birth…

Getting ready to enjoy Becky’s Big Birthday Gift. An evening of Brian Regan, our… https://t.co/WqkcGzZSAR https://t.co/RwQA7eo7he

Nov 16

Hi Springfield! (@ Springfield-Branson N…

Hi Springfield! (@ Springfield-Branson National Airport – @flysgf in Springfield, MO) https://t.co/dbSkovvFGO

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