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May 17

Everything Portable Finds Files Fast

Windows only: Everything, a super-snappy file finder that’s one of our Top 10 tiny & awesome Windows utilities, offers a new portable version that’s just as speedy as its standard-installation sibling.

Everything’s portable version takes a few seconds on launching to build a database of all the files on an NTFS-formatted drive, saves it in whatever folder you’ve saved the application, then brings up a single text box to type into, and a big white space without any files listed—yet. As soon as you start typing in file names, regular expressions, or boolean-style operators (like ! in front of “not” phrases), Everything almost instantly pulls up the files matching that search. And there’s a lot that’s been added to a new version earlier this month, including support for USB/removable drives, shortcut keys, and a claim to improving search performance by 30 percent. There’s also a host of nifty options you can enable, like an HTTP server for remote file searching—hit the MakeUseOf link below for a peek at a few of those value-added items.

Everything portable is a free download for Windows systems only.

Apr 05

Stupid Marketing Images

Who in their right mind lays prone, in business casual wear, with their laptop computer on an airport waiting bench? This is so ludicrous that I just cannot fathom an advertising agency that would ever consider this as a realistic scenario. But unrealistic scenarios are everywhere on the internet.

Jan 25

iConvert – Multiple Platforms Conversion

iConvert is a web-based application for converting icons from the format of one operating system into another and from image files into new icons.

The iConvert interface is straight forward, select a compatible file from your computer and upload it. There is no editing or tweaking just a straight conversion into a slew of compatible formats. iConvert supports the following file types: .icns, .ico, .png, .svg, .tif, .jpg, .bmp, .tga, and .cur and outputs to .hqx, .icns, .ico, .png. If you’re new to tinkering with icons, the output files are flagged by which operating system they go to making it even easier to grab the correct format for your system.On caveat: iConvert shows a constantly updated banner of the most recent conversions across the bottom of the site interface. Proceed knowing the icons will be available for public viewing and downloading.

Jan 04

VortexBox Turns Your Old Computer into Music Server

VortexBox is an open-source CD ripping and media server solution. Based on Fedora 10, VortexBox is capable of streaming in multiple formats allowing you to hear your music on your other computers, iTunes, media centers, slim devices like squeezeboxes and other media devices. Installation is straight forward, download the ISO file, burn it to a disc, pop the disc in the unused computer you want to turn into a jukebox and you’re on your way. Once the installation is complete you can access the box remotely with the build in web server. Ripping is completely automated, just pop in the disk you want it to rip and it rips, tags, and gets the cover art. VortexBox is an open-source linux-based media server.

Aug 10

Back Up Your Files to Google Docs Automatically

Right now there’s no easy way to sync your office documents back and forth to Google Docs (uh, hello Google?!), but if you’re comfortable at the command line, developer site Webmonkey details how to automatically back up your files to Google Docs using a Python script. The universal Google data backup and sync app is a long time in coming—someone build it, please!

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