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Jul 04

xobnI ruoY lortnoC

Locate a mirror and read it that title again! I spelled it this way because that’s just what Xobni Corporation chose to do with their new product, Xobni (Inbox spelled backward), an Outlook plug-in designed to help you get a better understanding about why your Inbox is flooded. Control Your Inbox! I suspect you are …

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May 08

Excel 2007 File Format Error?

An upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 for my corporate laptop was an option I had last week. This new software update was preceded by a dialog box asking if I really wanted to install it? Of course I did. My inner response was, “Are you kidding me? I asked for it. Why wouldn’t I want …

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Mar 16

Most Amazing (OS) Crash Ever!

Following hot on the heels of?my recent posting,?”Most Successful Release Ever!” I have another fun?clip to show you. Although unlikely to impress Mac Fan Boys, you must admit that it’s quite humorous. Featured in the clip is Chris Prillo, the founder and maintainer of Lockergnome. Chris hosts videos on several internet sites, including, YouTube …

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Mar 04

Most Successful Release Ever!

While viewing my “Friends Timeline” through TwitterBerry,?I noticed a post?by Mahalo Daily host Veronica Belmont about ETech 2008. Once I followed that post I was intrigued by a previous post I missed entitled, “The Steve Jobs 90 Minute Keynote In 60 Seconds.” This keynote address was part of MacWorld 2008 and with such a headline, …

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Mar 03

Vista Capable versus Vista Competent

A recent article at TechRepublic reports Dell web site qualifications of a PCs running Windows Vista. It appears a new branding category is emerging as a method to sell legacy hardware for use with Vista. Dell’s interpretation of “Windows Vista Capable” definition adds the following description for such hardware: “… the ability to boot the …

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