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Apr 15

It’s all fun and games . . .

It's All Fun & Games

. . . until someone loses an eye! Such was the phrase that kept running through my head while I was wrestling with the boys after school today. They both got in plenty of shots against me and I deflected all but one of them. My #2 son connected with a left hook to a …

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Aug 09

It Finally Happened!

For the very first time in dozens of prior transactions, the BestBuy In-Store Pickup promise finally came true. It was a painless and relatively fast experience after walking into the store and waiting in line for approximately five minutes. Hooray!!! Ordering merchandise online at BestBuy.Com is always a piece of cake. I verified my desired …

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Feb 16

Crap, I Missed It!

Email notification webapp Crap, I Missed It! sends email notifications before a new episode of your favorite show comes back on TV, or when your favorite artist releases a new CD.

Using the web application is easy—just pick one of the topic areas and either drill down or use the search box until you get to the subscribe page, enter in your email address and click Subscribe. After confirming your subscriptions, you will receive emails each time there are updates (with all updates for a single day combined into a single email). The site has quite a few topics to choose from, including Amazon bestsellers, top YouTube videos, new music albums or concerts, movies, TV shows, and even sports scores—but the navigation could be improved if they had a site-wide search or RSS support.

Crap, I Missed It is a free service, and could come in handy whenever your favorite TV show comes back from the holiday hiatus.

Aug 21

The Missing Episodes?

Do you ever have difficulty keeping tabs on television shows of interest? Even with the advent of DVRs it’s easy enough to accidentally erase an event, have a scheduling conflict, experience weather bulletins ruining the mood, etc. Fortunately, some networks now support the viewing of previous episodes within a web browser. And this is a …

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