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Mar 19

Truth In Advertising?

They just arrived and I couldn’t resist sampling a few. Oh my word, they truly live up to their name!

Aug 16

WiFi in the Sky

Connecting to the internet while on an airplane is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Although Virgin America Airlines has provided this service since they began flying in the United States, I don’t live near any of the cities to which they fly! But today, after a “parked on the runway for …

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Oct 15

Optimize Your Web Connection

Wired’s How-To Wiki runs down how to optimize your web connection using tools like OpenDNS, a regular old router, and add-ons that block bandwidth-hogging content you don’t care about. If you’re stuck on dial-up or a cellphone data modem, see also our guide on how to survive a slow internet connection.

Oct 11

How to Tie a Bowline Knot

The one DIY skill most of you don’t have (according to last weekend’s poll) is the ability to tie a bowline (knot, that is). Unless you’re a sailor or a Girl or Boy Scout, you’ve probably never heard of a bowline (pronounced “boh-lin”). But this super-useful knot creates a loop that’s strong enough to put around someone’s waist and pull them out of the water, or hold down heavy objects, and it’s very easily undone. Hit the play button above to learn how to tie a bowline using an easy-to-remember bunny metaphor. Just recently I hung a hammock using a bowline. Any knot nerds out there put the bowline to good use in regular everyday life? Any other knots you know and love? ‘Fess up in the comments.

Jan 11

Cookie Chemistry

While researching my current annoyance, I rediscovered a bit of engineering silliness I recall from many moons ago. The text you see below appeared at It was near the bottom of their “Icons, Cursors and Freeware” section that I found this chemical engineering spoof. It caught my eye because my Grandfather was a chemical …

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