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Mar 17

Write Once ~ Leverage Many

It appears that MultiPost for Android will permit you publish information to WordPress sites in addition to the usual suspects. Sweet!  

Aug 13

Say NO to Vertical Videos!

Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA Mario and Fafa talk about a very serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. This was posted on Google+…

Aug 12

Internet Speed Tests

I documented internet speed tests for my three primary tiers of network access today: Office WiFi, 4G Hotspot, and 3G Hotspot. Since upgrading my phone to a Samsung Galaxy S III and moving up to 4G speeds, I’ve been very pleased with its performance. I could tell it was wicked fast from the moment I …

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Apr 13

The Need for Speed (tests)

Life in the Not-So-Fast data lane

From time to time I run speed tests to see how my current connection fares in comparison to others with similar services. OK, full disclosure – I run a test for every new connection! I use internet-based tools in addition to Windows Ping and TraceRoute utilities when it seems like things are moving slower than …

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Oct 30

Disable V-Cast Manager Popup

A fresh annoyance on the Verizon HTC Droid Incredible and Droid X is the V-Cast Manager web page that automatically launches each and every time you plug the phone into your computer. This issue surfaced after Verizon pushed the Android Version 2.2 (Froyo) update through their network to my Droid Incredible. Fortunately, I discovered a way to …

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