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SPAM Fighter Statistics

SPAM Fighter Statistics for November 2010 Thank you Postini for watching (my domain) 2,227 messages blocked (46%), 996 in quarantine (20%), effective catch rate of 95.7%. Thank you Akismet for watching (my blog) 2,646 spam attacks caught, 14 legitimate comments, overall accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Insomniacs Untie!

Did you ever hear the joke about the dyslexic guy who couldn’t sleep? He was certain that others had similar issues and decided to form a support group. On the bulletin board at work he posted his first meeting invitation with the giant page title, “Insomniacs Untie!” Ok, so maybe it’s a little cheesy but …

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Thrashings Abound

Thrashing this site is something I do cyclically. Rather than tweak a little here — tweak a little there, I have?the tendency to store ideas for updates internally and then attempt to implement them all at once to keep my head from exploding! Of course, this leads to creation of entirely too many debugging issues …

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One Transition Complete ~ Dozens To Go!

This morning I worked on updates to links within our legacy web site, ThePayton.Net, and built hooks into all web log references of that site so they point here to the new Blog. A few of my previous postings to that web log are ported to this new site but many still require going through …

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AjaxWp – An enhancement for WordPress blogs

This looks interesting . . . Perhaps later today I can experiment with this inclusion to this Blog? Well see! It depends on how quickly I can get my work done on the mounting needs for “The Man.” What is AjaxWp? AjaxWp is a lightweight JavaScript enhancement that adds AJAX functionality to WordPress blogs speeding …

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