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Bose Ride System for Heavy-duty Trucking

Bose Ride System

At a press event in Framingham, MA on Wednesday, January 27, Bose announced an entirely new kind of product for the trucking industry – a product that has nothing to do with sound. The new Bose Ride™ system replaces a conventional air-ride truck seat with a Bose® suspension base and an integrated, custom-designed seat top. …

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Banning the Bulb?

Did you ever think Thomas Edison’s most famous invention would be banned by a government? It’s true! Although California is proposing similar legislation, the Australian government is claiming they are the first in the world to ban the use of incandescent light bulbs. As quoted in the article I read: The [Australian] minister reckons it …

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The Y-Factor

Wow! The first time I saw this up and coming vehicle from Bombardier, I thought it was a spoof sent to me by a good friend. Lo and behold, it’s for real and the full site launch for more information occurs on February 9th! Imagine a Snowmobile/motorcycle hybrid and you’ll be closer to envisioning the …

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Apple iPhone Announced!

After months of speculation about Apple‘s rumored mobile phone, Steve Jobs announced the new device this week at CES. Slated to go on sale next month, it will be most interesting to read reviews about its performance and usability. It looks so incredibly cool . . . Click the image to visit Apple’s official site …

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You CAN take it with you?

For much of my life I’ve listened to many discussions about the various merits or fallacies of acquiring material goods. Depending on your perspective, such acquisition is either a good thing or a bad thing. But regardless of your judgment call on such matters, there’s no tellin’ how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “You …

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