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Apr 13

The Need for Speed (tests)

Life in the Not-So-Fast data lane

From time to time I run speed tests to see how my current connection fares in comparison to others with similar services. OK, full disclosure – I run a test for every new connection! I use internet-based tools in addition to Windows Ping and TraceRoute utilities when it seems like things are moving slower than …

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Jan 27

Bose Ride System for Heavy-duty Trucking

Bose Ride System

At a press event in Framingham, MA on Wednesday, January 27, Bose announced an entirely new kind of product for the trucking industry – a product that has nothing to do with sound. The new Bose Ride™ system replaces a conventional air-ride truck seat with a Bose® suspension base and an integrated, custom-designed seat top. …

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Jul 04

xobnI ruoY lortnoC

Locate a mirror and read it that title again! I spelled it this way because that’s just what Xobni Corporation chose to do with their new product, Xobni (Inbox spelled backward), an Outlook plug-in designed to help you get a better understanding about why your Inbox is flooded. Control Your Inbox! I suspect you are …

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Feb 19

Blue vs. Red / HD Format War Over?

It seems the demise of HD DVD predicted by many is soon to be a reality. In an article posted at engadget, Toshiba is pulling the plug on HD DVD! Say hello to my little Playstation3 friend, Blu-Ray! Japan’s NHK has followed up The Hollywood Reporter’s earlier indications Toshiba was ready to dump its money-losing …

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Jun 20

Banning the Bulb?

Did you ever think Thomas Edison’s most famous invention would be banned by a government? It’s true! Although California is proposing similar legislation, the Australian government is claiming they are the first in the world to ban the use of incandescent light bulbs. As quoted in the article I read: The [Australian] minister reckons it …

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