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Apr 13

The Need for Speed (tests)

Life in the Not-So-Fast data lane

From time to time I run speed tests to see how my current connection fares in comparison to others with similar services. OK, full disclosure – I run a test for every new connection! I use internet-based tools in addition to Windows Ping and TraceRoute utilities when it seems like things are moving slower than …

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Aug 12

GoPlanit Plans Your Vacation For You

Web-based travel planning service GoPlanit attempts to take the solo and tedious act of itinerary planning and inject it with a social element. Upon signing up for the service and selecting a destination city, GoPlanit can roll an itinerary for you. I told it I wanted to go to New York and I had no idea what I was doing. GoPlanit provided an instant travel itinerary I was able to tweak based on how active or low-key I wanted to be and how much money I had to blow. Have a few things planned you want to do, but a whole lot of downtime to go with it? GoPlanit has a “fill in the gaps” function on its planner which will suggest fun and interesting things to do in between other commitments. GoPlanit also offers support for mobile devices (including an iPhone-optimized mobile site) and a microblogging tool to journal your trip adventures.

Feb 06

Oh, My Aching Back

I cannot believe my back is still this sore after?four days! I worked most of the day last Saturday finishing a job I started two weeks ago. That job was to cut down a tree in my front yard that started dieing last spring but didn’t start looking mangy until late in the?autumn of 2007. …

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Oct 19

The Other Half

“How the Other Half Lives” is a multi-faceted phrase. It appears in several song lyrics (the titles escape me), is a legendary work of photojournalism by Jacob Riis, and also an idiom used to describe the experiences of affluent or other such privileged individuals. It was a combination of both the first and last items …

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May 25

Summer Vacations: 15 Unforgettable Trips

In today’s printed issue of USA Today (Section D – Life / Destinations & Diversions) is an article entitled “15 Unforgettable Summer Vacations.” The cover page has a gorgeous photo of the Cedar Street Bridge Shopping Mall that crosses Sand Creek in Sandpoint, Idaho. I spent the bulk of my adolescent years in this small …

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