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Summer Vacations: 15 Unforgettable Trips

In today’s printed issue of USA Today (Section D – Life / Destinations & Diversions) is an article entitled “15 Unforgettable Summer Vacations.” The cover page has a gorgeous photo of the Cedar Street Bridge Shopping Mall that crosses Sand Creek in Sandpoint, Idaho. I spent the bulk of my adolescent years in this small …

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The Y-Factor

Wow! The first time I saw this up and coming vehicle from Bombardier, I thought it was a spoof sent to me by a good friend. Lo and behold, it’s for real and the full site launch for more information occurs on February 9th! Imagine a Snowmobile/motorcycle hybrid and you’ll be closer to envisioning the …

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Frequent Flyer Miles Good for Space Travel?

According to Space.Com, frequent flyer miles will soon get a new use! Virgin Atlantic Airways will transfer air miles to it’s space-related sister, Virgin Galactic, to get you into space faster! “A journey into space seems like a distant dream for many but this deal makes it more even more achievable for our frequent travelers …

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