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Say NO to Vertical Videos!

Vertical Video Syndrome – A PSA Mario and Fafa talk about a very serious problem that needs to be fixed immediately. This was posted on Google+…

Monster Bash Halloween 2009

This is a fun little video I created at I took some liberties with the character roles since Becky is Dr. Frankenstein and her sister Lisa is bride of Frankenstein’s monster. You can guess who’s face is on the monster, eh? It just seemed funnier with Beck doing the lead as the Doc. Andrew …

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How to build a camcorder

I have always wanted a camcorder for myself and not just any camcorder. I wanted one a bit like a professional broadcast camcorder, where I would be able to mount ad-ons like pre-amps, lights and all the other ever so cool stuff you’ll see professionals packing. However I’m not about to pay the horiffic price […]

Nokia 6280 with SLR optics

Resently the cameras on cellphones are getting better and better. How ever the optics on them are mostly crap made of cheap plastic.
Then i spawned the idea “Why not oparate an SLR lens on to the cell?”
This hack will give you 36x optical zoom on your cell just because of the crop factor + the […]

Super zoom on a surveillance camera

For some reason I’ve always wanted a video camera with a huge amount of zoom.
Why..? Well. For no good reason at all. I just did. That drew me to build the zoom converter..

This strange setup gave me a good idea about the aprox distance between the cam & the lens.

A little theory:
One of the major […]