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Mar 04

HALOsonic Electronic Sound Synthesis

Although I’ve never had opportunity to drive and electric vehicle, I hope to own one someday soon. Strangely enough, my ultimate vehicle wish is to own an electric pickup truck. I’d like a four door truck that’s about the size of a Honda Ridgeline but better looking. Perhaps an electric vehicle the size of the …

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Feb 19

Blue vs. Red / HD Format War Over?

It seems the demise of HD DVD predicted by many is soon to be a reality. In an article posted at engadget, Toshiba is pulling the plug on HD DVD! Say hello to my little Playstation3 friend, Blu-Ray! Japan’s NHK has followed up The Hollywood Reporter’s earlier indications Toshiba was ready to dump its money-losing …

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Aug 23

Pro A/V Industry Consolidations

I never thought I would see headlines like this. But I’m glad these events came to pass. In fact, I think the consolidation makes perfect sense, perfect business sense, that is. If cooperation between the two primary organizations in my field of work/study didn’t occur, then one of them was going to experience diminishing returns …

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Apr 04

Von Heydekampf walks away from Telex

Very interesting, indeed! What does the future hold for Telex EVI? Von Heydekampf took control of the Telex EVI electronics division when Telex merged with Electro Voice in 1998. Four years later he was promoted to the position of global president of the pro audio division and relocated from the Telex offices in Straubing, Germany, …

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Dec 26

You CAN take it with you?

For much of my life I’ve listened to many discussions about the various merits or fallacies of acquiring material goods. Depending on your perspective, such acquisition is either a good thing or a bad thing. But regardless of your judgment call on such matters, there’s no tellin’ how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “You …

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