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Sep 05

The New Office 2007 File Formats

It is true this information is a few months old. Although not late-breaking news (released in April 2006), I wanted this information stored here for future reference. The original article came from Aviran’s Place. Office 2007 is due to be released sometimes on 2007. Office 2007 will have two major changes to the office file …

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Aug 22

Visual Simulations @ Digg Labs

Digg.Com is an amazing repository of information and commentary. It is by far my favorite social networking and news site on the internet today. I listen to the Diggnation Podcast regularly because I get a real kick out of hearing to the interaction between Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht. They provide a summary of the …

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Jun 24

If Operating Systems Were Airlines

This short diatrible exhibits humorous satire that’s worth the read . . . With comparisons of the imaginary UNIX Airways, Air DOS, Mac Airlines, Windows Air, Windows NT Air, Windows XP Air, and Linux Air, you’re sure to get a kick out of the operational styles. My favorite quote relates to “Linux Air”: ?You had …

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Jun 09

Ultra Thin Windows Media Center

Here is one manufacturer that is finally getting with the program. Acer is forging ahead with development of digital media centers for consumer use. The Acer Aspire Idea 500 Windows Media Center is nice and thin. It is a two rack space device and is much more likely to fit into small entertainment centers than …

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Jun 30

RSS Reader for Outlook

Attensa is a free (for now) news aggregator with hooks to Outlook, Blogger, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Thus far, it looks like quite a package and comes very close to satisfying the need which sent me searching for similar applications! ~SP

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