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Feb 26

Hades Hath No Fury Like . . .

OK, what’s the deal? I just don’t get it. I’ve heard that bad things happen in threes for many years now. It’s an urban legend, right? What if I were to tell you that bad things happen in dozens? Would you believe me? Today was truly a day from hell. Not only for me but …

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Nov 07

40 Secrets About Me

  This list was originally a MySpace bulletin; expanded into a Blog Post by my buddy, Stoic Sideman. Considering the fact I avoid MySpace like the plague, I opted to shamelessly copy the list, adapt it with my own information, and post it here instead. You may do the same provided you add your own …

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Oct 18

Jack Attack!

After reviewing last week’s post about experiences in New Orleans, my Buddy Jack mentioned he saw very few photos of himself in the images available for viewing. Therefore, to satiate his photo needs, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce my Good Friend and Colleague, Jack Hudnut! ~SP