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SPAM Fighter Statistics

SPAM Fighter Statistics for November 2010 Thank you Postini for watching paytonplace.us (my domain) 2,227 messages blocked (46%), 996 in quarantine (20%), effective catch rate of 95.7%. Thank you Akismet for watching stephen.paytonplace.us (my blog) 2,646 spam attacks caught, 14 legitimate comments, overall accuracy rate of 99.9%.

40 Secrets About Me

  This list was originally a MySpace bulletin; expanded into a Blog Post by my buddy, Stoic Sideman. Considering the fact I avoid MySpace like the plague, I opted to shamelessly copy the list, adapt it with my own information, and post it here instead. You may do the same provided you add your own …

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URL versus URI

Most folks who explore the World Wide Web with a browser application like Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox are familiar with the URL acronym. URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator” according to the World Wide Web (W3) consortium. Pronunciation of URL should always be with each letter emphasized (y?-?r-el) instead the fairly common alternative, …

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You CAN take it with you?

For much of my life I’ve listened to many discussions about the various merits or fallacies of acquiring material goods. Depending on your perspective, such acquisition is either a good thing or a bad thing. But regardless of your judgment call on such matters, there’s no tellin’ how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “You …

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Opening Pandora’s Box

As a component of the Music Genome Project, Pandora.Com is an excellent site to use in the search for new music to add to your collection. By entering an artist or song name, Pandora will construct a streaming playlist of songs with similar genres and tempos. Coupled with a high-speed internet connection and a running …

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