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Nov 23

SPAM Fighter Statistics

SPAM Fighter Statistics for November 2010 Thank you Postini for watching paytonplace.us (my domain) 2,227 messages blocked (46%), 996 in quarantine (20%), effective catch rate of 95.7%. Thank you Akismet for watching stephen.paytonplace.us (my blog) 2,646 spam attacks caught, 14 legitimate comments, overall accuracy rate of 99.9%.

Aug 16

WiFi in the Sky

Connecting to the internet while on an airplane is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Although Virgin America Airlines has provided this service since they began flying in the United States, I don’t live near any of the cities to which they fly! But today, after a “parked on the runway for …

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Aug 09

It Finally Happened!

For the very first time in dozens of prior transactions, the BestBuy In-Store Pickup promise finally came true. It was a painless and relatively fast experience after walking into the store and waiting in line for approximately five minutes. Hooray!!! Ordering merchandise online at BestBuy.Com is always a piece of cake. I verified my desired …

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Dec 16

UnChrome Anonymizes Your Installation

Windows only: Free application UnChrome bolsters your browsing anonymity by removing the unique ID from Google Chrome that Google associates with your Chrome installation.

UnChrome isn’t the first app to do this; we highlighted another program called Chrome Privacy Guard in our power user’s guide to Google Chrome. But for the many who installed Chrome for the first time after Chrome officially left beta last week, it’s worthwhile to highlight this kind of tool once more. UnChrome is a free download, Windows only.

Oct 28

Start Google Chrome in Incognito Mode

Programmer Michael T. Bee offers up a small, desktop-friendly JavaScript file that starts Google’s Chrome browser in Incognito Mode for those privacy-please browsing sessions. Actually, the script, which you can paste into Notepad or another editor and save as a .js file, starts Chrome, opens a no-cookie, no-tracks-left Incognito window, then kills the first window. If your system can’t launch Chrome by running chrome.exe in Windows’ “Run” dialog, you might have to tweak the sixth line of the script a bit. Otherwise, it’s a handy trick for, as the Hacks Blog puts it, “birthday shopping.”

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