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Margaret Grace “Maggie Moo” Payton, R.I.P.

You were such a precious little pooch and you will forever be in our hearts. 😓 I’ll be missing you for a very long time. 😰 Who will defend us against all those pesky squirrels you so ferociously scared away? 😭 Sweet Dreams Darlin’ Doggie 🐶 We Loved You So Much!

Klingon Beagle!


This explains Maggie’s late night aggressive behavior just as we’re ready for a little relaxation. My dog is Klingon!

Doggie Dismantlement

Beagle Reverse-Engineering

Our one year old Beagle Margaret Grace (we call her Maggie) had a very guilty look on her little fuzzy face as she skulked down the stairs from my office. I couldn’t figure out why she was acting so sheepish. But soon enough, the evidence of her reverse-engineering skills became apparent. I honestly don’t know …

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