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Dec 18

Add a Mini Calendar to Outlook’s Out of Office Reply

No matter how clear you write it, some folks just can’t grasp that you’ll be out of the office for a certain period.

The Outlook development team’s blog explains how you can insert a miniature, HTML-formatted calendar into your auto-replies. You basically email yourself an Outlook-formatted, date-selected calendar, copy it from that email, and then paste it into an Out of Office message. You could also likely paste that same calendar into any email service that supports HTML signatures, and if you give that a shot—or find another way of creating mini-format calendars—let us know in the comments.

Nov 14

Convert Your PowerPoint to DVD with Freeware

Weblog FreewareGenius walks through three different methods for burning your PowerPoint presentation to a DVD using free software. Photo by garethjmsaunders.

The three methods discussed involve converting the presentation to an intermediate format like video, Flash, or JPEG, and then burning that more DVD-friendly file format to a DVD. If you’ve ever needed present somewhere where all you had was a DVD player and monitor, this post has you covered inside and out. Unfortunately there are no free one-step options, but the post is detailed and easy to follow along with.

May 08

Excel 2007 File Format Error?

An upgrade to Microsoft Office 2007 for my corporate laptop was an option I had last week. This new software update was preceded by a dialog box asking if I really wanted to install it? Of course I did. My inner response was, “Are you kidding me? I asked for it. Why wouldn’t I want …

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Sep 05

The New Office 2007 File Formats

It is true this information is a few months old. Although not late-breaking news (released in April 2006), I wanted this information stored here for future reference. The original article came from Aviran’s Place. Office 2007 is due to be released sometimes on 2007. Office 2007 will have two major changes to the office file …

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Jun 30

RSS Reader for Outlook

Attensa is a free (for now) news aggregator with hooks to Outlook, Blogger, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Thus far, it looks like quite a package and comes very close to satisfying the need which sent me searching for similar applications! ~SP