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Jan 11

Apple iPhone Announced!

After months of speculation about Apple‘s rumored mobile phone, Steve Jobs announced the new device this week at CES. Slated to go on sale next month, it will be most interesting to read reviews about its performance and usability. It looks so incredibly cool . . . Click the image to visit Apple’s official site …

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Dec 26

You CAN take it with you?

For much of my life I’ve listened to many discussions about the various merits or fallacies of acquiring material goods. Depending on your perspective, such acquisition is either a good thing or a bad thing. But regardless of your judgment call on such matters, there’s no tellin’ how many times I’ve heard the phrase, “You …

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Jun 02

Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone for your Rearview Mirror

This is an interesting approach to wireless technology in your vehicle. Gearlog Review of the Hammacher Schlemmer product It’s definitely a pricy option ($139) when considering other Bluetooth speaker offerings on the market. But considering the fact they’ve been sold out for weeks now, they must be doing something right! It seems to me it …

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Mar 18

Looking for Mr. Goodbar

OK, “Mr. Goodbar” has nothing to do with my reason for scripting this post. I’m actually searching for Pocket PC software within the Blogger.Com site to facilitate a more expedient method of posting information to the blog. Needing a computer connected to the internet for posting this particular page is a hindrance. Considering the fact …

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