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Sep 20

Get a Song Out of Your Head

Been singing the same refrain for what seems like hours on end and can’t seem to get the annoyingly catchy ditty out of your head? Here’s how to rid your mind of the song.

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Real Simple Magazine consulted James Kellaris, a University of Cincinnati professor who studies why catchy tunes stick in our heads. James says that to stop the looping, “listen either to complex music, like Mozart, or unfamiliar music that lacks a hook, like New Age.”

And if that doesn’t work, try singing the song all the way through or simply listen to it in its entirety. This will give your brain a sense of completion and should relax your need to continue repeating the lyrics. As for situations where you can’t remember some or all of the lyrics, just rewrite the end to get the song out of your head.

If you have suggestions for complex and unfamiliar music that you’ve used to thwart the song in your head (or other tricks to achieve the same goal), leave them in the comments.

Aug 23

Take 18 Minutes to Keep Your Days on Track

According to the Harvard Business blog, you can organize an eight-hour work day and keep it on track by creating a ritual that’ll only take a total of 18 minutes each day.

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Harvard Business blog’s Peter Bregman outlines three steps on how to avoid those days when you can barely remember what you intended to accomplish by the time you reach for your keyboard:

STEP 1 (5 Minutes) Set Plan for Day.
STEP 2 (1 minute every hour) Refocus..
STEP 3 (5 Minutes) Review.

Basically, you’ll start the day off right by grabbing a sheet of paper and writing down the goals which you can realistically accomplish that day. The important part is to immediately assign time slots to those tasks by order of importance and difficulty because these designated times make you more likely to accomplish your goals and give you a way of tracking your progress once every hour. At the end of the work day, you’ll take a few minutes to review not just the last hour, but the entire day. Did you stay on track? What can you do differently tomorrow to retain or improve your productivity?

Check out the full details on this time management ritual on the Harvard Business blog and tell us about how you organize your days and prevent slumps in productivity. Do you have a ritual or do you fly by the seat of your pants and hope for the best? Share your workday time management successes (or failures) in the comments.