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The Y-Factor

Wow! The first time I saw this up and coming vehicle from Bombardier, I thought it was a spoof sent to me by a good friend. Lo and behold, it’s for real and the full site launch for more information occurs on February 9th! Imagine a Snowmobile/motorcycle hybrid and you’ll be closer to envisioning the …

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Apple iPhone Announced!

After months of speculation about Apple‘s rumored mobile phone, Steve Jobs announced the new device this week at CES. Slated to go on sale next month, it will be most interesting to read reviews about its performance and usability. It looks so incredibly cool . . . Click the image to visit Apple’s official site …

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Wireless Bluetooth Speakerphone for your Rearview Mirror

This is an interesting approach to wireless technology in your vehicle. Gearlog Review of the Hammacher Schlemmer product It’s definitely a pricy option ($139) when considering other Bluetooth speaker offerings on the market. But considering the fact they’ve been sold out for weeks now, they must be doing something right! It seems to me it …

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A car that jumps over obstacles?

The Bose Suspension System makes the news again!” Every once in a while our revolutionary automotive suspension system makes the news and this concept of active ride compensation never ceases to amaze me. No matter how rough the terrain, the automobile remains level and free from the extreme movements we’ve all come to accept from …

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openLCR-Download to your phone or fax

Can your telephone do this? Take the Telephone IQ Test . . . Truly an amazing new technology. ~SP