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Aug 16

WiFi in the Sky

Connecting to the internet while on an airplane is something I’ve wanted to do for quite some time. Although Virgin America Airlines has provided this service since they began flying in the United States, I don’t live near any of the cities to which they fly! But today, after a “parked on the runway for …

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Oct 19

The Other Half

“How the Other Half Lives” is a multi-faceted phrase. It appears in several song lyrics (the titles escape me), is a legendary work of photojournalism by Jacob Riis, and also an idiom used to describe the experiences of affluent or other such privileged individuals. It was a combination of both the first and last items …

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May 25

Summer Vacations: 15 Unforgettable Trips

In today’s printed issue of USA Today (Section D – Life / Destinations & Diversions) is an article entitled “15 Unforgettable Summer Vacations.” The cover page has a gorgeous photo of the Cedar Street Bridge Shopping Mall that crosses Sand Creek in Sandpoint, Idaho. I spent the bulk of my adolescent years in this small …

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Feb 05

The Y-Factor

Wow! The first time I saw this up and coming vehicle from Bombardier, I thought it was a spoof sent to me by a good friend. Lo and behold, it’s for real and the full site launch for more information occurs on February 9th! Imagine a Snowmobile/motorcycle hybrid and you’ll be closer to envisioning the …

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Oct 14

One Week in New Orleans

I spent this week in New Orleans attending our first mid-year North America Pro Sales meeting. This is the first meeting like this held halfway through our fiscal year since I’ve been with the company. It was an excellent opportunity to review our division’s performance and recharge for the remaining half of the year! While …

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