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Vista Capable versus Vista Competent

A recent article at TechRepublic reports Dell web site qualifications of a PCs running Windows Vista. It appears a new branding category is emerging as a method to sell legacy hardware for use with Vista. Dell’s interpretation of “Windows Vista Capable” definition adds the following description for such hardware: “… the ability to boot the …

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Windows Desktop Grid

I’ve been experimenting with dynamic desktop content my company machine. Considering the fact I’m one of those “clean desktop” kind of guys, I wish for just a few strategically placed objects on my desktop that perform key applications that define the use of my machine in a global sense. The only rub is that since …

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Hashed Windows XP Shell Icons?

I am searching for a way to restore hashed Windows XP default shell icons to their correct state. One of my OS variants improperly displays the application icons throughout the entire file system. This occurs even with native applications for which the associations have never been altered. It is most annoying when when I fire-up …

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RSS Reader for Outlook

Attensa is a free (for now) news aggregator with hooks to Outlook, Blogger, Internet Explorer and Firefox. Thus far, it looks like quite a package and comes very close to satisfying the need which sent me searching for similar applications! ~SP